Large 4" x 3" Clear zipperless Horizontal ID Badge Holder


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Mata1 Large 4″x 3″ Clear Zipperless Horizontal ID Badge Holder with Zipper

These convenient zipper-free nametag holders allow you to quickly and easily insert your office ID, license, credit card, or other essentials. They are flexible and long-lasting. Therefore, they are perfect to use for business conferences, school field trips, social functions, trade show events, training seminars, and more. Mata1 guarantees factory safety measures to bring you quality products so you don’t have to worry about dangerous materials. For all your name badge and lanyard needs, Make it Mata1!

• Zipperless for quick loading
• 98% High transparency for easy readability
• Heavy-duty, durable, and tear-resistant PVC vinyl is weatherproof
• Large size badge protector for convenience
• Pre-punched holes fit any style lanyard
• Fits Mifflin paper inserts

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100, 250


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